A full online platform to create
Your Professional Real Estate Website
connected to Real Estate Software

Our solution is already compatible with the new Whise s' API!

Our solution is already compatible with the new Whise s' API!

Our solution is already compatible with the new Whise s' API!

Extend your real estate activities : go for digital !

As real estate professional you know that your sector is evolving very fast. Embracing the connected world is a real opportunity to develop your activities.

With Webulous.io platform you can deploy a professional website in a few clicks and benefit from a powerful online presence.

Enter the digital world with a professional website

Promote your brand and services

Bring online your property portfolio

Grow your business by getting new leads and contacts

Save your time & focus on value-added tasks

Be different from your competitors


Get your own real estate website that combines the best of web standards with the most advanced real estate oriented features.

Modern design easily customisable to fit your brand

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Connected in real time to your property database

SEO ready & social media integration

Integrated content edition tools - CMS
(with multilingual support)

Evolving configuration tied to your business

Real estates
advanced features

  • Powerful property search engine

  • Properties HD pictures integration

  • Advanced contact forms

  • 100% Whise compatible

  • Properties location on Map

  • Multi estate agencies support

  • New developments & projects pages

  • Personal zone for owners

  • Virtual visits & video support

  • GDPR compliance tools

  • Integration of the Real Advice widget

Start for FREE and improve your experience from 51 €* per month !

*Yearly rate.

Make your first steps in the digital world with a free website connected to your Whise property database. Upgrade later, as your business growth, to connect your website to your own domain name, manage more properties or activate advanced modules.

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For about ten years, Webulous is an official partner of Whise and is developing web sites and tools connected to Whise Real Estate. Thanks to this partnership, you can activate your new webulous.io website directly from you Whise account.

You already have a Whise account ?

Go to the “Marketplace Suppliers” section of the Administration page of your Whise account and click on the "Activate" or "Manage" button.

The detailed procedure is explained hereunder in the FAQ.

If you meet any difficulty in the activation of your website, you can contact us at the address support@webulous.be.

How does it work?

Webulous.io platform includes a secured and powerful connector to Whise infrastructure.
Your properties data together with your web site template, settings, content, pictures and other medias are combined to publish your own web site that is made available online.
Thanks Webulous.io administrative interface, you can manage your web site content and settings day by day.
On the other hand, all contact requests obtained on your web site are transferred into your Whise database. Contact preferences are also saved for later emailing campaigns and targeting, in accordance with GDPR regulation.

What is my website going to look like ?

The Webulous.io platform propose several website templates. In each template, you can define your logo and the main colour, modify available texts and pictures, adapt different presentation features...

Over time, the platform propose new templates and layout features. Your website can thus frequently evolve.

Improve your online reputation and visibility with the "RealAdvice" Review Manager.
Test FREE Real Advice for a month!
For Real Advice customers, we take care of FREE integration
of the satisfaction score on your site.


Frequent Questions...
A major feature of a real estate websites is to provide an access to your property portfolio to visitors. Whise is providing the real estate management software that allows you to manage your properties and help you in other real estate activities. Having a Whise subscription is then a prerequisite to activate a website on Webulous.io.

Not for the moment. The Webulous.io platform has been designed for a perfect integration with Whise.

However, outside our platform, it is possible to develop custom web sites based on any other real estate software.

As explained above, the Webulous.io platform is continuously enriched with new website templates that you can activate yourself via the management interface of your site.

If you want to go further in customizing your website, it is possible to start from a reference model that suits you and adapt it according to your expectations. The implementation of a custom template requires setup costs of € 700 excluding VAT, to which are added customization costs assessed on the basis of your specifications.

The free web site is a fully functional website but is restricted to web addresses like sites.webulous.io/myagency. The number of properties managed by the web site is also limited. Some advanced modules, as “Multi estate agencies support”, are only available in paid version.

Note: Customers who have a Whise paid account have to upgrade their webulous.io freemium subscription to a paid version. This is especially necessary to remove limitations such as the number of properties displayed on the web site.

Connect to your Whise account on web.whise.eu. Click on the higher arrow in the menu bar (right on the screen) and select "Administration". Once you are on the Administration page click on “Marketplace Suppliers” in the left column, you should then see your website name and logo*, click on the “Activate” button. You will then receive a confirmation email with the link to your site and some useful information.

As soon as your website is activated, the Whise screen displays a "Manage" button which allows you to access the management interface of your website. Via this interface, you will be able to configure your website and to manage the subscription.

* For the Whise users who already have a website, it's possible that the "My website" section isn't visible. If it's the case, you can ask to activate it by sending an email at the address helpdesk@whise.eu